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Primary sources catalogue

Document TitleArchive
1944-1945, Morogoro, Tanganyika (now Tanzania). Housing estate for Polish refugees. A woman in the company of a nun on the terrace of a houseThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
Anna Freud’s archiveFreud Museum Hampstead, London NW3 5SX
Anna Tõrvand-Tellmann’s correspondence with Hilja SimselEstonian Pedagogical Archives and Museum
Association of refugee children from the Aegean part of Macedonia Bucharest in Romania BucharestState Archives of Republic of North Macedonia
Collection of Lia KhundadzeGeorgian-German Digital Archive
Collection of Maria Chaplinska-ZauerGeorgian-German Digital Archive
Collection of memoir material, Testimonies of exiles in the Homeland War 1991-1992.Croatian Memorial and Documentation Center of the Homeland War
Colonization Office OsijekState Archives in Osijek
Diaries of Princess Ksenija Petrović-NjegošNational Museum of Montenegro - Archival Department
Ellis Alexiou CollectionAmerican School of Classical Studies Athens
Institute for Colonization Zagreb. Mobile office BjelovarState Archives in Bjelovar
Lepp – Utuste, Maarda (Marta) (ps.: Vardi, Sophia) (1883 – 1940) – journalist, writerEstonian Literary Museum
Letter from the Honourable George Lamb, Whitehall, [London, England], on the use of the ship ‘Palambam’ to transport female convicts from Cork [County Cork] to New South Wales.National Archives
Mäelo, Helmi (1898 – 1978) – writer, journalistEstonian Literary Museum
Magadan, Kolyma, USSR. Polish women released from gulags; standing from the left: Józefa Górska-Nosowicz, Jadwiga Bizanc-Szmigiero, Krystyna Zajączkowska-Rudnicka, Alina Kopisto, Irena KrajewskaThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
Margrét Þórðardóttir and Guðríður BrandsdóttirNational Archives of Iceland
Maria Lamas EstatePortugal National Library
Maria Lamas’s CorrespondenceMadeira Archive and Library
Montenegrin Government in emigration – Neuilly sur SeineThe State Archive of Montenegro
Note stating that Dr Trevor will examine the health of the 120 female convicts, and wives and children of convicts, to arrange for their embarkation to New South Wales [Australia]National Archives