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Primary sources catalogue

Document TitleArchive
Civil registration documentsHungarian National Archives
Colleague István Tarsoly: Czechoslovak microfilms in the National Archives on January 1, 1992: Repertórium (Archival inventories 88. Budapest, 1988)Hungarian National Archives
EN BMEL XIV.411.76 Eszter PécsiArchive of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Hungarian Royal Ministry of Agriculture, branch for the agrarian policy of the Southern regionsArchive of Vojvodina
Letters of Klára LŐVEI, Blanka TELEKI, Antonia DE GERANDO, etc.REAL-MS - Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Margit Pogány’s letter to Tamás MajorNational Theatre History Museum and Institute
Network, Operational and Test Documents, 3.2.5. Operational FilesHistorical Archives of the State Security Services
Network, Operative and Examination Documents, Bt FilesHistorical Archives of the State Security Services