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Valérie Icard

    Valérie Icard completed her PhD, which deals with prison issues, in political science in January 2022 (University Paris-Saclay, CESDIP Research group). Her thesis focuses on the… Lire la suite »Valérie Icard

    Uzma Rashid

      Dr. Uzma Rashid currently serves as Associate Professor, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, and Academic Coordinator for the Gender and Peacebuilding program at the… Lire la suite »Uzma Rashid

      Tugba Elmaci

        Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tugba Elmaci is a member of the Communication Faculty of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Turkey), affiliated to the Radio Cinema and TV… Lire la suite »Tugba Elmaci

        Petko Hristov

          Petko Hristov is a PhD in Ethnology, and Associate Professor at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Bulgarian Academy… Lire la suite »Petko Hristov

          Paolo Ruspini

            Paolo Ruspini (MA Pol. Sci., PhD, Milan) has been researching international and European migration and integration since 1997 with a comparative approach and by drawing… Lire la suite »Paolo Ruspini

            Niya Spasova

              Niya Spasova is a researcher at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. As a Ph.D. candidate, her study is related to women’s labor mobility, the development… Lire la suite »Niya Spasova