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Primary sources catalogue

Document TitleArchive
14/15/09/2006, Novogórdek, Belarus. Maria Józefa DobrzyńskaThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
1890 Census of the city of KrakowDigital Library of Malopolska
1928, Missions, Argentina. Polish settlersThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
1930s, Misiones, Argentina. Portrait of a Polish immigrantThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
1944-1945, Morogoro, Tanganyika (now Tanzania). Housing estate for Polish refugees. A woman in the company of a nun on the terrace of a houseThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
1946, Valivade-Kolhapur, India. Polish women evacuated from the USSR. On the right, Anna Szwaglis, mother of Andrzej BoruckiThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
1950s, Ukrainian SSR, USSR. Portrait of Jadwiga TaratajcioThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
A cartoon diary: The life of a young girl from 1839 to 1853 in Łonia (Celina Dominikowska)The National Library of Poland
Association of German Women Abroad – correspondenceState Archives in Poznan
Book of newcomers admitted by City lawNational Archies in Krakow
Continental emigration. Name lists.State Archives in Kielce
Correspondence of the secretariat of the Chemical Section of the 9th Congress of Polish Doctors and Naturalists in Krakow, 1900Jagiellonian Library
Customs register of the city of KrakowNational Archies in Krakow
Dzieba Anna. Memoirs in the form of a diary regarding her stay in German Nazi camps in the years 1940-1945State Archives in Zielona Góra
Eliza Orzeszkowa. Portrait photographyState Archive in Warsaw
Emigrants’ ArchiveEmigration Museum w Gdyni
Emigration of the German population from the Recovered TerritoriesNational Digital Archive
Eugenia Mielnicka’s stay in a hospital in Teheran, first from the right is Zofia MielnickaThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
Files of marital status of the Roman Catholic Parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary in KrakowNational Archies in Krakow
Fragment of correspondence and papers of Helena Bronisławowa Gubrynowiczowa née Lewental from 1902-1911.The National Library of Poland