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Primary sources catalogue

Document TitleArchive
« Voice of the Aegeans »Library of the Institute of National History
“Soviet Latvia” No. 4Latvian State Archives of Audiovisual Documents 
15-day reports of permitted passportsState Archives of Dubrovnik
1928, Missions, Argentina. Polish settlersThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
1930s, Misiones, Argentina. Portrait of a Polish immigrantThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
1944-1945, Morogoro, Tanganyika (now Tanzania). Housing estate for Polish refugees. A woman in the company of a nun on the terrace of a houseThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
1946, Valivade-Kolhapur, India. Polish women evacuated from the USSR. On the right, Anna Szwaglis, mother of Andrzej BoruckiThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
1950s, Ukrainian SSR, USSR. Portrait of Jadwiga TaratajcioThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
8 Letters to Paul Häberlin from Anna TumarkinUniversity Library Basel
A brief history of Eyjólfur Guðmundsson (1829, later Jameson) and Valgerður Björnsdóttir (1828) and their children and grandchildrenNational and University Library of Iceland
A collection of archival records on Macedonian emigration to Eastern European countries and Yugoslavia; 1948/1968State Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia
A collection of photographs of Refugee camp in El ShattCroatian State Archives
A Photograph of Female Guest WorkersFederal Archives
About illegal migrations of Montenegrins to AmericaThe State Archive of Montenegro
Ada Mary Cockroft charity, and the Society of Overseas Settlement of British Women (later the Women’s Migration and Overseas Appointments Society)Lambeth Palace
Admission of foreigners, women and girls, limited number of women and girls, more lenient treatment by Austrians and Swiss, statistics, overview of school attendance by foreigners, 1910-1920Munich State Archives
Agriculture and forestry of NR Montenegro- Titograd (1945-1951), 1945-1952The State Archive of Montenegro
Albert Guislain: General correspondence: letters received and copies of letters sent: HWANG, NadineState Archives in Ghent
Alice-Mary Maffry Talbot PapersAmerican School of Classical Studies Athens
Allocation of aid to the families of foreign workers, identity cards, liberation, 1944-1945Department archive of Herault