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Primary sources catalogue

Document TitleArchive
The WIZO Photo CollectionCentral Zionist Archive
Tickets and permissions to cross the bordersThe State Archive of Montenegro
Tomšič Vida, 1935-1994Archive of the Republic of Slovenia
Traces of a DreamState Archives of Baden-Württemberg - Central State Archives of Stuttgart
Trading living Ware. Investigations into illegal migration of women to the US and forgery of documents. Reports, memos, correspondence, telegrams, press clippings.The Central Archives of Modern Records
Transmitting a copy of a letter from the High Commission of the Ionian Islands relative to three black women sent to Malta as liberated slaves. No. 126The National Archives of Malta
Transport; Investigation and Analysis Office for Civil Aviation Safety. Survey of air accidents and incidents from 1931 to 1967.French National Archives
Travel facilities for Ecclesiastical Students and Nuns returning to BritainNational Archives of Ireland
Travel facilities for Irish girls resident near the border for purpose of attending knitting classesNational Archives of Ireland
Travel facilities for nuns from RomaniaNational Archives of Ireland
Trnina MilkaCroatian State Archives
Tryggvi Gunnarrson correspondenceNational Archives of Iceland
Turkish Gastarbeiterinnen (female foreign workers) in Karlsruhe (photograph) City Archive Karlsruhe
Turkish Red Crescent ArchiveTurkish Red Crescent Archive
Two petitions by Anne Meara, Nenagh, County Tipperary, applying for a passage to join her husband John Meara in New South Wales, [Australia]National Archives
Union of Italian Women ImmigrantsContemporary Worlds Library
Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia SkopjeState Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia
University of Wool ArtState Archive of Padua
USSR. Two women by a truck loaded with woodThe KARTA Center Foundation Archive
Vallekilde Folk High School. Events. Party. Nurse Betty Jacobsen 70 yearsOdsherred Local Archives